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The unbroken traditions of Torah Judaism and (lehavdil) Chinese Medicine both address all aspects of a person: seeking to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components. Perhaps it is for that reason, that many Jews are attracted to Chinese medicine and an increasing number of Chinese medical practitioners and students, are of the Jewish faith.

Yet, little has been written or discussed in practice, clinically applying traditional Jewish healing methods, or addressing the commonalities of these two rich traditions. It is for this reason that I have facilitated two vehicles to stimulate research and promote a new awareness of their parallels.

The first is the Yahoo discussion group, Traditional Jewish Medicine and TCM. This group focuses on issues relevant to observant Jewish physicians, Jewish alternative medical practitioners, and knowledgeable Jewish laypersons. The purpose of the group is to educate and promote knowledge of medicine from a Torah perspective. Many of the concepts discussed are predicated upon an extensive knowledge of revealed and hidden aspects of the Torah, and may be difficult to follow for the layperson. Parallels between Jewish and Chinese Medicine are frequently cited.

Those who are definitely interested in Jewish Medicine and healing, but are not necessarily knowledgeable or observant, would definitely enjoy participating in the Yahoo group: Jewish Healing (which I also participate in!)

I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about Jewish medicine to read my blog:

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