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Traditional Jewish Medicine

Connecting with your inner physician...
Connecting with The Source...healing your whole self.

Addressing the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, Traditional Jewish medicine offers a new ( yet very old! ) approach to resolving health issues which have stubbornly resisted conventional medical treatment. Each patient's individual constitution, nature and life experiences ( including traumas ) represent the pieces of the map of their unique, individual path toward healing and balance. TJM puts the pieces together allowing the patient to heal himself.

The physicians job could be compared to a detective, a translator, and a tour guide, uncovering clues, making sense of the patient’s signs and symptoms, piecing them together, and safely facilitating the journey back to health.

I hope that you enjoy journeying through my website. There is a lot to digest, so take your time! Reflect upon the Ten Principles of Traditional Jewish Medicine, consider its parallels with Chinese Medicine, discover the importance of releasing energy cysts, both physical and emotional, learn how to unmask and neutralize the great pretender, food sensitivities.

You may find that some of the language or terminology used is difficult to follow. Anticipating that, I have included a glossary which I hope will clarify.

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